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     Transfer of Property(Revised)

    1. Member Registration Form NAI (ANNEX B)
    2. Member Registration Form NAG (ANNEX C)
    3. Undertaking (ANNEX D)
    4. Registration Affidavit (ANNEX F)
    5. Specimen Signature Purchaser (ANNEX G)
    6. Transfer Affidavit (ANNEX H)
    7. Property Mortagaged Undertaking (ANNEX J)
    8. No Demand Certificate (ANNEX K)
    9. No Demand Certificate from Administrator Office (ANNEX L)
    10. Specimen Signature Seller (ANNEX M)
    11. Release Deed (ANNEX N)
    12. Undertaking By General Power of Attorney Holder (ANNEX P)
    13. Loss of Original Allotment / Transfer Order (ANNEX Q)
    14. Loss of Original PAL (ANNEX R)
    15. Gift/Hiba Acceptence-Donee (ANNEX S)
    16. Gift/Hiba Deed Donor (ANNEX T)
    17. Application Form of Tenant (ANNEX V)

    Building Plan

    1. Instruction for Construction of Houses(Form AN-2 Revised)
    2. Documents for Approval of Building Plan -Naval Anchorage(Form AN-1)
    3. Application for Possession of Site Plan and Demarcation (Form A New)
    4. Application for Approval of Proposed Building Plans (Form A-1)
    5. Certificate by Licensed Architect/Engineer (Form A-2)
    6. Application for Water Connection (Form A-3)
    7. Sound Stability Certificate (Form A-4)

    Completion Certificate

    1. Requirement for Completion Certificate
    2. Notice of Completion (FORM B1)
    3. Certificate by Licensed Architect/Engineer  (FORM B2)
    4. Verification of Building Lines (FORM D)
    5. Works Carried out Without Permission (FORM C1)
    6. Certificate by Licensed Architect/Engineer (FORM C2)


    1. View Maps for Naval Anchorage Phase-I & II
    2. Download Maps for Naval Anchorage Phase -I & II