Director's Message

Pakistan Navy had been continuously endeavouring to provide a quality living place to its officers and men after their prolonged services in defence of this motherland. Also there was requirement of providing a shelter to the family of deceased or martyred personnel who laid their lives during the service. Establishment of Naval Anchorage Islamabad in the beautiful area of Sihala came into being with an aim of a successful design of a good quality sustainable housing project depending on the balance struck between a range of factors. Issues such as accessibility, security, safety, privacy, community interaction, availability of appropriate services and the provision of adequate space, were given due weight. The needs and reasonable expectations of residents were kept as fundamental importance. The typical family dwelling meeting the needs of infants, young children, adults and older people, either separately or in combination, at various stages of its life cycle were also considered. The design of Naval Anchorage Islamabad was kept sufficiently flexible and adaptable to meet such demands over the foreseeable life of the building. In addition, efforts were made to plan and design the scheme within a defined time period and to ensure that it could be constructed within acceptable time and cost parameters.

It is evident that the achievement of a successful outcome presents a significant architectural challenge and the success of any housing project is largely dependent on the quality of planning and design input and how this is followed through in practice, at the construction stage. Therefore, NESPAK was hired to plan and design this scheme in accordance with international standards while identifying principles and criteria that are important in the design of housing and to highlight specific design features, requirements and standards that have been found, from experience, to be particularly relevant. In planning phase, particular account has been taken of the objectives of CDA rules and regulations on sustainability, including issues such as energy efficiency, environmental protection, access for people, meeting varied needs of occupants through their lifetime, durability and continued performance of buildings and the need to make optimal use of infrastructure and avoid unsustainable urban sprawl. The scheme was developed in the context of basic principal on architecture and the importance of good design in achieving a good quality living environment in residential development. The principles of good practice in urban design, including the need to respect existing heritage, scale, character and residential amenity and to contribute to the regeneration of rundown or under-used areas was followed. So ultimately Naval Anchorage Islamabad may be termed as the only scheme which is actually maintaining the natural topography without disturbing the beauty of the nature. At times you feel that you are on some picnic place.

Naval Anchorage Housing Scheme was planned while promoting high standards in the design and construction and in the provision of residential amenity and services in new housing schemes along with encouraging best use of building land and optimal utilization of services and infrastructure in the provision of new housing; while pointing the way to cost effective options for buying plots with higher standards of environmental performance. It was ensured that residents of this housing scheme enjoy the benefits of first-rate living conditions in a healthy, accessible and visually attractive environment.

Since assumption of my duties as Director Housing and Administrator Naval Anchorage, I am continuously striving hard to provide very healthy, happy and safe living environment within the scheme. Number of projects have already been started to provide a very relax and joyful living environment within the scheme. Cooperation and suggestions by all the members are always welcome.

I wish all my community members a very vigorous and ecstatic living in this beautiful housing scheme Naval Anchorage Islamabad. May Allah bless you all.