Demarcation and taking over possession of the plots by the members are done subject to request and clearance of outstanding dues (including prescribed Demarcation Fee). For this purpose, following documents are required to be submitted:

  • Photo copy of Lease 'A' to 'C'.
  • Photo copy of Allotment/ Transfer Order.
  • Site Plan.
  • No Demand Certificate, in original, issued by the Accounts Branch after clearance of dues including demarcation fee.
  • Demarcation fee for various categories of residential and commercial plots, as given at Annexure ‘L’

Demarcation Charges (Res)

i 1000 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 4,500/
ii 500 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 2,500/-
iii 350 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 1,500/-
iv 125 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 1,000/-
v 100 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 4,500/-
vi 200 S q Yds Plot Rs. 6,500/-
vii 225 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 6,500/-
Upon Member Request