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     Transfer of Property

    1. Documents Required for Transfer of Property
    2. Details of Family Members

    Building Plan

    1. Instruction for Construction of Houses(Form AN-2 Revised)
    2. Documents for Approval of Building Plan -Naval Anchorage(Form AN-1)
    3. Application for Possession of Site Plan and Demarcation (Form A New)
    4. Application for Approval of Proposed Building Plans (Form A-1)
    5. Certificate by Licensed Architect/Engineer (Form A-2)
    6. Application for Water Connection (Form A-3)
    7. Sound Stability Certificate (Form A-4)

    Completion Certificate

    1. Requirement for Completion Certificate
    2. Notice of Completion (FORM B1)
    3. Certificate by Licensed Architect/Engineer  (FORM B2)
    4. Verification of Building Lines (FORM D)
    5. Works Carried out Without Permission (FORM C1)
    6. Certificate by Licensed Architect/Engineer (FORM C2)


    1. View Maps for Naval Anchorage Phase-I & II
    2. Download Maps for Naval Anchorage Phase -I & II