Registration of Members is undertaken in one of the following two categories; be operative with Membership/ File No.

  • Category 'A'.

    Only the following category of persons shall be entitled to be registered in this category, while Application Form for it is given at Annexure 'A'

    • All Officers/CPOs/Sailors of the Pakistan Navy.
    • Officers of the sister services who have served PN for a minimum period of 5 years.
    • Civilians Officers of BPS-18 and above in exceptional cases, as recommended by the Governing Body and approved by the CNS, while not exceeding 5% of the total plots of the scheme.
  • Category 'B'

    Consequent upon sale/ transfer of plot(s) of Category 'A' to person(s) not entitled in Category 'A', such buyers at the discretion of Governing Body may be registered in Category 'B' on payment of registration fee as applicable. Such person(s) shall not be entitled to allotment of any plot(s) in the scheme and will only hold the allotment order(s) of plot(s) sold/ transferred. Application Form and affidavit for this Category are given at Annexure 'B' & 'C'.

Non PN Personnel - Full

Retired PN Personnel -Full

Serving PN Personnel -50%

i 1000 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 110,000/-
ii 500 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 60,000/-
iii 350 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 43,000/-
iv 125 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 24,000/-
v 100 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 65,000/-
vi 200 S q Yds Plot Rs. 110,000/-
vii 225 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 125,000/-