In case an allottee is unable to complete the construction within a period of one years from the date of execution of Lease 'A', a non-utilization fee at the rate depicted at Annexure ’L’ for various categories of residential and commercial plots will have to be paid by him/ her to Administrator Anchorage Islamabad. This fee is subject to revision by Administrator Anchorage Islamabad.

Non Utilization Charges (Res)  

i 1000 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 8,000
ii 500 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 4,000
iii 350 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 3,000
iv 125 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 2,000
v 100 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 10,000
vi 200 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 20,000
vii 225 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 20,000
(Non utilization charges are levied per Annum, therefore these will be calculated per day for sale/purchase purposes)