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Building & Maintenance Control Department & Complaint Centre Established

To resolve the maintenance related issues/problems of the residents, a Building & Maintenance Control Department alongwith Complaint Centre has been established at Naval Anchorage Islamabad. The department will run round the clock to facilitate the residents. Complaint Centre is comprising of electrician, plumber and sweeper. The complaint can be registered on (Cell No:0320-5550015). Additionally, during day time services of an associate Civil Engineer, a surveyor and a mason would also be available. The general complains will not be charged. However, a personnel complaint will be addressed against a meager service charges of Rs.100/- only.

Availability of Administration to Address the Problems/issues of the Residents

The aim of Naval Anchorage Administration is to provide a high quality living environment to its residents in a safe, secure, environmental friendly and happy atmosphere. To address the daily problems and issues of the residents (if any), Deputy Administrator  Cdr Javed Malik PN (Cell No:0320-5550013) and Admin Officer Lt Tariq Mahmood PN (Cell No: 0320-5550014) will be available daily at Administration Office except holidays. They will also be available on mobile phone round the clock even after working hours if necessity so arises.

Naval Anchorage Security System

The safe and secure premises plays a pivotal role in a better living environment. It has already been endeavoured to provide adequate security measures to all the residents in shape of placing security guards on all the important points, patrolling during day and night, intelligence cover and biometric system to all the contractors and labourers. Additionally a Quick Response Force (QRF) is also avaiable round the clock to respond to any emergency. QRF numbers have already been provided to all the residents through a circular.

Establishment of Green, Yellow & Red Teams

To further provide the residents a clean, green and healthy environment, three teams of personnel have been established as GREEN TEAM, YELLOW TEAM & RED TEAM. GREEN TEAM is responsible for greenry/plantation within the scheme alongwith cutting/removal of wild growth and bushes. YELLOW TEAM is responsible for general upkeep, maintenance and cleaning of roads, nullahs and surroundings. RED TEAM is consisting of sanitary workers and is responsible for sanitation and janitorial services. These team will also meet the requirements of the residents through Complaint Office (Cell No:0320-5550015)