Construction of House

The plot owners are advised to comply the following:-

  • Get the land demarcated by Anchorage staff, before taking possession of the plot.
  • Hire a licenced Architect for preparation of their building plans, according to PC. A.T.P and registered with CDA.
  • Building plans should be submitted to the Housing Directorate in 6 quadruplicated along with Form A-1, A-2 and A-3, copy attached with Annexure 'G', with pay order of scrutiny fee and 2 x attested copies of allotment/ transfer order with 2 x copies of site plan.
  • After a week of submission of plans, the concerned Architect may contact the Housing Directorate for observations and their compliance.
  • Construction should be commenced only after the building plans have been approved by the Housing Directorate
  • Ensure that mandatory set backs have been left clear when the building layout is being done.
  • Water connection should be obtained after submitting an application on prescribed Form A-3 copy attached with Annex 'G', alongwith a copy of the letter of approval of building plan.
  • Approved building plan should be strictly followed during actual construction. In case prior affecting the same any change(s) is/ are required, the revised plan shall be processed for approval by the Housing Directorate
  • On completion of plinth and compound wall (plinth), Form ‘D’ copy attached with Annexure 'H' should be submitted and plinth verification certificate obtained from the Housing Directorate.
  • No ramps should be constructed outside the plot line.
  • If basement is being constructed on the plot, proper water proofing should be ensured and all necessary precautions taken for safety of adjacent structures.
  • Natural levels of side yards should not be disturbed by more than 2 ft.
  • Sewerage and storm water drainage lines should be laid separately and connected to respective Anchorage mains.
  • On completion of the house, notice of completion on Form B-1 copy attached with Annexure 'H' should be submitted to the Housing Directorate.
  • On receipt of above stated letter, site inspection will be carried out by the Anchorage staff.
  • After 10 days of site inspection, the Housing Directorate may be contacted in case no intimation has been received from Anchorage staff.
  • In case of any complaints regarding approval of building plan or issuance of Completion Certificate, the matter should be brought to the notice of Housing Directorate.