For the purpose of obtaining a Completion Certificate, a Notice of Completion alongwith documents as per Annexure 'H' and completion plans are required to be submitted for approval to Anchorage Islamabad. The following documents must accompany the same alongwith complete requirement as per Annexure 'H'.

  • 7 x copies of the building plans (1 x cloth mounted) according to which the construction has been completed.
  • 1 x set of Notice of Completion of the building, consisting of Valuation Form and assessment under relevant rules of Anchorage Islamabad.

Completion Certificate Charges (Res)

i 1000 Sq Yds Rs. 6,000/-
ii 500 Sq Yds Rs. 6,000/-
iii 350 Sq Yds Rs. 35,00/-
iv 125 Sq Yds Rs. 2,000/-
v 100 Sq Yds Rs. 6,000/-
vi 200 Sq Yds Rs. 5,500/-
vii 225 Sq Yds Rs. 5,500/-