Building Plans

Building Plans will require the approval of Administrator Anchorage Islamabad and should be prepared according to the instructions/ bylaws given in this manual. While submitting the building plans to Anchorage Islamabad, following documents must be enclosed.

  • Application on requisite form, issued by the Housing Dte, duly completed From A-1 copy attached with Form An-1
  • Six copies of authentic site-plan on ammonia print, issued by Anchorage Islamabad.
  • Copy of Allotment/ Transfer Order duly attested.
  • Copy of Sub-Lease on Form 'A' (for residential plots) and Form 'C' (for commercial plots), specimen of which are enclosed in this manual.
  • Six copies of drawings of overhead and underground tanks, and sewerage details. Soft copy of all drawings in Autocad on CD.
  • The fee for approval of building of plan for various categories of residential and commercial plots is given at below

Building Plan (Res)

i 1000 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 28,000/
ii 500 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 15,000/-
iii 350 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 14,000/-
iv 125 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 9,000/-
v 100 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 28,000/-
vi 200 S q Yds Plot Rs. 52,000/-
vii 225 Sq Yds Plot Rs. 52,000/-